The greatest care in international trade should be geared to the planning and knowledge of international standards, legislation and customs procedures in countries of origin and destination.

All merchandise coming from abroad, imported permanently or not, whether or not subject to the payment of import tax, import clearance must be submitted, which is performed based on a declaration submitted to the customs unit under whose control is the goods.

The Prolin Group has the know-how needed to carry out the entire process ensuring the most cost-effective for your cargo. Know the following:

  • Documents emission;
  • Removal;
  • Advice on customs releases and foreign trade;
  • Temporary admission;
  • customs;
  • Customs clearance of import;
  • Preparation and issuance of documents for customs clearance;
  • Transportation of clearance of the site to your company;
  • We provide advice in the preparation of import projects;
  • We perform the control and the Import operation to the benefit of “Drawback”;
  • We provide customs transit for all national territory and neighboring countries;
  • Registration and products in the Secretary of Health Surveillance, Ministry of Health and Inmetro;
  • We prepare Order Import License (LI);
  • We offer full advice in official surveys, technical reports, statements of commitment, bank guarantees, etc.
  • We prepare special projects for temporary admission and its return;
  • We provide Dispatches Aduaneiroas Simplified (DSI);
  • We have carried out tax calculations and prepare the general budget of Import;
  • We treat the accompanied and unaccompanied baggage.
  • We provide Customs Procedures in general, together with the Ports Airports, Post office, Borders, TRA’s, DBH, warehouses and others;


The ProLin group has trained professionals to resolve doubts and give the best possible care.